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Real Freedom

“Freedom is just a word,” was part of the lyrics to a song, that was once a popular. Fourth of July celebrations are all passed and the last of the fireworks have faded out. There aren’t as many flags flying and the patriotic bunting has been mostly taken down. Freedom and it’s celebration, may be a one day event or may be just “a word”, to many in our great country. Yes, I said, our great country.

The United States of America, has been and continues to be the example to the world of freedom. Men and women have given their lives to protect and defend our rights, endowed by our Creator. It is a privilege to know, so many past and present military members. To them and to the Rakkasan family, freedom is of the highest value and preserving it, the greatest mission. It is good and noble freedom loving men and women, who will keep America great.

During our recent Hamburger Hill, Desert Storm, and Rakkasan Reunion, patriots of all ages and wars/conflicts demonstrated their unashamed love, honor, and respect for those they served with and those currently serving. We remembered our Fallen Rakkasans and are determined to honor them, by telling of their great sacrifice.

John 8:32 You shall know the truth and the truth, shall make you free.

Multitudes have accepted the truth, the United States is the place of unparalleled freedom and have made their way, here. As Americans, we are blessed, to be born into freedom. In John 8:32, Jesus tells of a greater freedom, than we were born into and it comes by a right relationship, with our Creator.

Dennis Helms, Chaplain, National Rakkasan Association

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