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From the President

As we head into the fall of 2021, I want to thank all members for their support of the Rakkasan Association. 2020-2021 have been difficult years but in true Rakkasan fashion, we have faced them together and remain a strong organization. This is also true of the 3rd BCT as they accomplished missions from Africa to the southern border of the United States. We said our farewells to the former chain of command members and welcomed a new set of leaders.

Mike Smith, Outgoing Iron6 and Bob Harkins

We held our National Reunion at Ft Campbell in conjunction with the 101st Division’s Week of the Eagles. Special thanks to Frank Peterson, Mike Smith, Beau Brumfield, Cindy Boyd and Rachael Vance for their untiring efforts.

We welcomed veterans and their families from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq and all missions in between. Each year our numbers of older Veterans shrinks but the new Veterans continue to grow our numbers.

I'd like to compliment the current National Rakkasan Association Board of Officers and Directors. Each has given their time and energy to promote the Rakkasan Regiment. As We head into the scheduled elections I ask for members to support any new or remaining Officers and Board members as they volunteer for two years of association leadership.

The planning for next year has already begun. It will mark twenty years since the Regiment was deployed on Operation Anaconda. The Hamburger Hill Chapter will host their Annual Reunion and Celebration at Clarksville / Ft. Campbell May 9 - 13, 2022. It is anticipated that other organizations and groups will join the renewing of old friendships at their event. The following August we will join the 101st Airborne Division Association annual Reunion in Michigan. We will send out information about events as plans are finalized.

All are invited to attend the Snow Bird Reunion in Tampa February 9-12, 2022. I wish you the best and hope to see you soon


Alpha 6

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