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2024 Reunion

It's time to round up old friend and get together again.

Hotel Info

Country Inn & Suites Clarksville

3075 Wilma Rudolph Blvd. Clarksville

The hotel is independently owned and operated under a license agreement with an affiliate of Radisson Hospitality, Inc. Several blocks of rooms have been reserved in the name of the Hamburger Hill / Rakkasan reunion. Please contact the hotel directly at (931) 645-1400 for your room reservations. You cannot do it online. When you call, inform them that you are part of the Hamburger Hill / Rakkasan group to get our $92 rate (plus tax). The rooms are separate from the registration cost; they fill up quickly so do not delay in making arrangements.



REUNION COSTS:  This year we have been fund raising to lower the overall registration cost. Special thanks to all of our sponsors.  We will charge $50 Per Person, down from $170 per person.  Certainly, any additional contribution will be greatly appreciated.   The cost includes: Hamburger Hill Chapter Dues, Tuesday BBQ and Wednesday Range Lunch.

 Wednesday Informal Reception, Wives luncheon Wednesday, Thursday Memorial Dinner and room fees.  Funds are NOT included for the purchase of refreshments for the hospitality room.  Please earmark any donations for its operation to Bob Harkins or Mike Smith.  Additionally, Mike Smith will be collecting contributions to sponsor enlisted soldiers to attend the informal reception and memorial dinner ($50 to Sponsor a soldier).  Need your help please!!!! 

It is very important to all of us that each and every veteran of their time as a Rakkasan whether WWII, Korea, Vietnam 67 to 72, “The Hill”, Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Anaconda, Afghanistan and Iraq be present at one or all of the reunions. We want to see you. If there are financial constraints that may prohibit your attendance, let me know and we will try to arrange assistance. Please let us help.

If you need help with the online registration process contact Rachael Vance at 940-389-1160 or email at If you prefer to register by check, Contact Mike Smith at 740-572-6019 or email at (Both can help with general questions about events or registration.


Dress is always casual for all events except the Memorial Dinner. The active-duty group will

be in Dress Blues and it would be nice if we were in business attire (Coat and Tie).

Priority request

This is the 55st  Reunion/ Anniversary of the battle for Dong Ap Bia!  Please contact all Rakkasans!  Beat the bushes, there are a lot of our former buddies who still don’t know we exist or that we do this every year!  If you know anyone who served alongside us, Artillery, Aviation, let them know they are welcome.  Our contact list is dwindling due to people moving or not informing us of an e-mail change.  If you are not getting emails from me please send me an email at . We need all the help we can get to have a large turnout! 

Regimental update

The 3rd Combat Brigade Team will be away from Ft. Campbell this year during our Reunion.  While supporting our activities under normal circumstances is difficult during deployments.  It is always hard while continuing their training mission.  Regiment will support this Reunion as best they can.  I am certain we all appreciate their effort.

Ladies Luncheon

We will have a special lunch for those that do not want to go to the range. We will need an accurate count of attendees so be sure you include the desire to participate when registering. We also need suggestions on how to make this event more beneficial.

Silent auction

We ask that each attendee bring an item that we can include in a silent auction to help raise some funds for the Association and HH Chapter. The items will be displayed at the Soldier Reception and Memorial Dinner. Items can be "re-gifted" items that you have received that you might not “need”, military items that you have duplicates of, and in case you forget, you can go to Wal-Mart and get a gift certificate.

diet restrictions

If any attendees to the Reunion have dietary considerations, please indicate on your registration. We will need a final count a week prior to the event for any diet restrictions. We will do our best to see that and they receive a special pre-plated meal for the dinner.


For Rakkasan Shirts, Hats and decals. Go to: (There is a page

for Vietnam vets and custom items can even be made on request).


Mike Smith still has Hamburger Hill Coins and a few hats from previous reunions. Contact him at email at

Grand ole opry

On Tuesday evening (May 14th) there will be a bus to Nashville to attend the Grand Ole Opry.  The details are still under construction but the cost will be about $100 per person (this includes transportation and the ticket to the event).  The bus will leave at 1700.   If you wish to attend please add that cost to your Registration.

Golf outing

We will have a golf outing at the Ft. Campbell Golf Club. It will be a scramble for those that want to Play. Cost is $50 for each player.

Hamburger Hill Scholarship

In May 2022, the Weldon F. Honeycutt / Hamburger Hill Chapter established a scholarship for deserving students. Two $1000 scholarships were awarded. This year three scholarships will be awarded - applications are available on the National Association website.


We have several web sites for Rakkasan veterans. Members of Hamburger Hill can share their pictures and experiences of the “Hill” and the reunions that we have had. Please go to ( to gain access. Make sure to click on "Create an account” first on the member’s page. See you there.

The Steele Thread Project is an amazing website covering all Vietnam Era Rakkasans. Visit

Additionally, the 187th Regiment Association has a presence on social media

at, and and through the National Association website. Signing up for email updates is the best way to keep up on events.

Hamburger Hill Chapter Information

Hamburger Hill Veterans: Please click the link below for chapter election and dues info and for a printable version of the registration forms if you would prefer to send yours in.

We will see you in May!

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