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Bob Harkins

  Bob served as the commander of Alpha Company 3/187th Infantry Regiment in Vietnam 
during the Battle Dong Ap Bia (Hill 937 and Hamburger Hill). He remained in the U.S. Army for 27 years retiring as a Colonel in 1993. He commanded at the platoon, company, battalion, and brigade level during his career. That included commanding the XVIII Airborne Corps’ Dragon Brigade during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  After retiring from the Army, he worked in Higher Education at the University of Pittsburgh (where he obtained a Doctorate in 1998) and he was the Associate Vice President for Campus Safety and Security for the University of Texas from 2005 to 2017.  

  He retired from the University of Texas in January, 2018 and lives in Austin with his beautiful wife Sue. Their two sons currently serve as colonels in the U.S. Army.  His younger son, Patrick, commanded Iron Battalion from 2013 to 2015.  Bob has been the President of the Hamburger Hill Chapter for several years.  

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Frank Peterson
Vice President

  Frank joined the Army on 14 Feb 1985.  His first tour with the Rakkasans was in Leader Bn D Co 1-187th IN from 1995 -1998.  He joined the association then as an active duty sergeant.  Tours to Korea and Drum interrupted his stay in Rakk land but by the grace of God he was brought back to Iron Bn D Co 3-187th IN in late 2000 and served until 2004.  Frank deployed with the Iron Rakkasans to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. During the Iraqi Freedom mission SFC Peterson was assigned as the Rear Detachment Commander of D Co 3-187 and the Rear Detachment NCOIC of 3rd Bn 187th IN.  His final tour was at FT Benning as an Advanced Non Commissioned Officer academy instructor.

  After retiring, he moved back to the FT Campbell area and became a member of the Samurai and Torii chapters.  In 2007 he became the president of the Samurai Chapter and held that position until the merger of the two Chapters as well as president of the National Association.  Among his awards are the Distinguished Member of the Regiment Crest, Combat Infantryman Badge, Air Assault Badge, and Patriotic Civilian Service Pin.

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ERik Lind

  Upon completion of Basic Training Erik was assigned to A Co., 5th BN 87th Infantry Regiment of the 193rd Infantry Brigade in Panama.  After Panama, he assigned to A Co. 3rd BN 187th Infantry Regiment, Rakkasans. In August of 1990 he deployed with the Rakkasans to Desert Shield and Desert Storm and redeployed in April of 1991 after completing combat operations in Iraq.

  After the Army he went back to school and completed a degree and went to work at a few manufacturing companies.  He has currently been working for Abbott Labs for the last 9 years in the contracting and compliance department. In August of 2018 he assumed the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary of the National Association. He now lives in Austin TX, with his wife and has a daughter who lives in Chicago.


Contact Erik at

James Sullivan 

  Jim is the President and founder ATS Advisors, A Certified Public Accounting Firm, Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan Founded in 1996 as a sole practice the firm has grown to more than 30 employees with offices throughout Michigan.  Jim is a licensed CPA and a member of the MICPA and the AICPA and carries a Forensic and Valuation Specialty (FVS) Credential.  A 1995 Graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Jim is also the primary instructor for the University of Michigan Tax Practitioner Institute.  
   Jim served in the Rakkasan’s from 1988 to 1991 where he was assigned to D. Co 3/187th AARCT and was a member of the Advance Party during Operation Desert Shield and a TOW Gunner during Desert Storm, Jim extended his time in country to remain on Trail Party for the Wolfpack.  Jim has been the treasurer of the association since 2013. 

Contact Sully at

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Beau Brumfield 
Board Member


Beau retired from the army as a Chief Warrant Officer after 23 years of service as an infantryman and Blackhawk pilot. Beau has multiple tours with the 101st and is now living in Florida. He has been on the board since 2003 and serves as Quartermaster and membership chairman.


Contact Beau at

Irv Weinsoff
Board Member

  Irv Served with the Rakkasans 1953 to 1955 with E Company in Korea Went on to join the 82nd ABN until 1956 Entered college in New York, then on to Law School in Brooklyn.

  He entered private practice until he passed the Florida Bar in 1969. Irv Moved to Florida in 1972 Retired in 1988 Served as Association Attorney over 20 years. He is the DMOR recipient for 2014 and served as the Association Vice President 2004 to 2010. He recently served as Association President 2010 to 2016 and currently operates as the Association's legal council.

  Irvs hobbies include fishing and hunting. His biggest joy comes from spending time with his wonderful wife and 4 great kids.

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Mike Smith
Board Member

Mike entered the service in 1968, and experienced Basic Training and Advanced Infantry Training, back to back at Ft. Polk, Louisiana.  On May 1st, 1969, Camp Evans, Vietnam, he was assigned to Delta Company, 3rd/187th, and served in 2nd Platoon.  Later in his service with Delta Co. he assumed the duties of RTO for Platoon Sergeant Jackson, and eventually PL Lt. Salisbury.


He is a former President of the Weldon F. Honeycutt Hamburger Hill Chapter and the current Treasurer of the Chapter.  Awards include the DMOR, C.I.B., Bronze Star w/’V’ w/Oak Leaf cluster, and Air Medal.


Retiring in 2017 after 45 years in public service at Federal and County Government levels, Mike now volunteers at the Chillicothe, Ohio Veterans Administration, Community Living Center and Medical facility.

Contact Mike at

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Harvey Watson
Board Member

Colonel Harvey Watson was born September 3, 1944, in Rochester, New York. He was drafted into the United States Army in 1966 and was trained and assigned as an infantry anti-armor crewman with the 3rd Battalion, 39th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant of infantry upon completion of Officer Candidate School in 1967. He went on to complete the Airborne and Ranger courses, as well as the Infantry Officers Advanced Course, and graduated from the Army Command and General Staff College and the U.S. Army War College. His civil education was completed after return from Vietnam. He was awarded the Bachelor of Arts (1973), Master of Science (1973), and Doctor of Philosophy (1980) degrees in Research Psychology from Auburn University.


             Following his career in the Army, he spent nearly 20 years working as a defense contractor, marketing IT products and systems to the DoD and VHA. Finally, after that period of time, he returned to his real interest, that of Research Psychology. During the four years before his retirement in May of 2015, he conducted research to determine new and better ways to diagnose and treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.


he portrait.jpg
Hunter Everett
Board Member

Hunter Everett served from 1988-1991 with D Co, 3/187 Infantry - including service in the Persian Gulf during Desert Shield/ Desert Storm.

He is a mechanical test engineer for medical device companies in Cincinnati, Ohio where he lives with his wife of 12 years and their 10 year old daughter. 

Elected Board Members
Appointed Members
Rachael Vance - Executive Secretary
bRIAN wARZOCHA - historian
dENNIS hELMS - chaplain
Sheila Patton & Kelly Peterson - ladies reserve


Colonel William E. Weber, 1981 to 1993
C.W. Flevares, MD, 1993 to 1994
Alexander “Jazz” Jaznach, 1994 to 1999
Robert A. Nesbitt, 1999 to 2002
Cecil “Buddy” Hardaway, 2002 to 2004
Colonel James E. Hoeh, 2004 to 2010
Irving Weinsoff, 2010 to 2016
James Bockman, 2016 to 2017
Franklin Peterson, 2017 to 2019
Colonel Bob Harkins, 2019 - present
Past Presidents
Appointed Board Members

The mission of the Rakkasan association is to provide two critical functions:

We are the link that helps our active duty soldiers understand that they are members of one of the most prestigious regiments in the history of our great nation. 

Additionally, we are the best vehicle of continued camaraderie between Rakkasan veterans. Many Rakkasans veterans feel tremendous pride in their service and knowing that there is an association full of people who appreciate their service is immensely valuable.


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Board meeting 

Meeting minutes are available below.

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By Laws & Constitution
Rakkasan Commanders 1943 - Present

Hildebrand, Harry B. Colonel Feb 43 Apr 45
Pearson, George O. Major General Apr 45 Dec 45
Wilson, Arthur L. Lt. Colonel Dec 45 Aug 46
Riggins, Lou Lt. Colonel Aug 45 Jul 47
Pearson, George O. Major General Jul 47 Jul 48
Jablonsky, Harvey J. Major General Jul 48 Jun 50
Bowen, Frank S. Major General Jun 50 Jul 51
Trapnell, Thomas J. Lt. General Jul 51 Jul 52
Westmoreland, Wm C. GeneralJul 52 Oct 53
Lindquist, Roy E. Major General Oct 53 Jul 55
Herrick, Curtis J. Major General Jul 55 Aug 55
Ryneska, Joseph F. Colonel Aug 55 Jun 56
Zais, Melvin Lt. General Jun 56 May 57
Hatch, James J. Colonel May 57 Jan 58
Parziale, Charles J. Lt. Colonel Jan 58 Nov 58
Sharkey, Thomas Colonel Jan 58 Nov 58
McCrory, Dorsey E. Colonel Nov 58 May 59
Tucker, Henry P. Colonel May 59 May 60
Griffith, W. M. Colonel Jun 60 Nov 60
Bull, Kenneth R. Colonel Nov 60 Dec 60
Mueller, A. L. Colonel Dec 60 Jun 61
Bull, Kenneth R. Colonel Jun 61 Jul 61
Sullivan, John F. Colonel Jul 61 Sep 61
Bowlby, Herbert M. Colonel Sep 61 Jun 62
Berry, John T. Colonel Jun 62 Jun 63
Legere, Laurence J. Colonel Jun 63 Feb 64
Mitchell, Clarence A. Colonel Feb 64 Jul 65
Lange, Wells B. Lt. Colonel Jul 65 Nov 66
Herbert, James Brig. General Nov 66 May 67
Farris, Robert Colonel May 67 Jul 67
Forrest, John F. Lt. General Jul 67 Mar 68
Shaneyfelt, Stanley Major Mar 68 Jul 68

Scheets, George Lt. Colonel Jul 68 Jan 69

Honeycutt, Weldon Colonel Jan 69 Jul 69

Steinberg, William A. Colonel Jul 69 Jan 70, Herbert Colonel Jan 70 Jun 70
Bland, Ivan Lt. Colonel Jun 70 Oct 70
Sutton, Byron J.S. Lt. Colonel Oct 70 Mar 71

Stevenson, James R. Lt. Colonel Mar 71 Dec 71
Hoffman, L. W. Lt. Colonel Jan 72 Feb 73
Bramlett, James W. Brig. General Feb 73 Jul 74
Kehoe, Thomas P. Colonel Jul 74 Jan 76
Shelvin, George L. Lt. Colonel Jan 76 Jul 77
Matz, William M. Brig. General Jul 77 Feb 79
Broderick, Edward Lt. Colonel Feb 79 Sep 80
Ionoff, John Jr. Lt. Colonel Sep 80 Apr 83
Frankiewicz, S Lt. Colonel Apr 83 May 85
Kinzer, Joseph Lt. General May 86 Nov 88
McDonald, John Colonel Nov 88 Nov 90
Clark, Robert T. Colonel Nov 90 Nov 92
Dees, Robert F. Colonel Nov 92 Oct 94
Martinez, William J. Colonel Oct 94 Oct 96
Smith, Eric F. Colonel Oct 96 Sep 98
Hoogland, Steve J. Colonel Sep 98 Aug 00
Wiercinski, Francis J. Colonel Aug 00 Jun 02
Linnington, Michael S. Colonel Jun 02 Jun 04
Steele, Michael Colonel Jun 04 Nov 06
Caraccilo, Dominic Colonel Nov 06 Feb 09
Luong, Viet X. Colonel Feb 09 June 11
Lillibridge, R. J. Colonel Jun 11 - Aug 13
Vowell, J.B. Colonel Aug 13 - Dec 15
Burris, Larry Colonel Dec 15 - Sept 17
Cogbill, John Colonel Sept 17 - May 19
Teague, Brandon Colonel May 19 - June 21
Federovich, Mark Colonel June 21 - present 

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