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DMOR 2018

Rakkasans honored with distinction by the Regiment and new President Bob Harkins.

Bob Harkins steped into the spotlight as the new Association President this August, and one of his first acts was bringing board member Beau Brumfield into it with him (If only for 90 seconds or so).

Brumfield, who served with the Rakkasans during Desert Storm and as a board member for the Association today, also received recognition for his recent retirement after more than a quarter century for the U.S. Army. Beau brings to the association a vigorous dedication to preserving the legacy of the Rakkasans and instilling his same excitement into the watchful eyes of the active duty component and new, young members.

"I Feel lucky just to get to be in the same room with most of these guys; being recognized by Bob Harkins and the Regiment leaves me speechless. What an honor."

-Beau Brumfield on being selected, August, 2018

Other honored recipients of the Distinguished Member of the Regiment include: LTC Scott Virgil, LTC Stephen Douglas, CW2 Reginal Strickland, CSM Arthur Burgoyne, MS Kathy Orcutt, MR Craig Greer, COL Jeff Davidson, COL Larry Burris, LTC Josh Biikout, MAJ Aron-James Miller, CSM Kenneth Chaney, SGM Jeffery Bond, SGM Kevin Devine, 1SG Brian Miller, SFC Christopher Magly, SFC Christopher Upo, MAJ Peter Walther, CW2 Proctor Larime, MSG Brian Crouthamel, CSM Gourge Yakop, MAJ David Brunias, SGM James Basham, MAJ Josh Glonek, MAJ Mikel Resnick, MAJ Gage Wientjes, SGT Eric Houck, SGT Dillon Baldridge, CSM Clifford Burgoyne, CSM John Hendricks and SGM David Duckett. Their awards were presented at Fort Campbell at an earlier ceremony.

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