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W.O.W. Dispatch

(Widows or Widowers)

As you all know this has been a very hot and rainy summer and I am glad for the cooler weather to come.

I did not get to go to the National reunion this year. I miss getting together with all of my good friends and comrades. I am sure there are others like me that must watch their budgets. I had to put a new roof on my house and at times I feel like most of the monies go right down the drain. I’m sure you all had a wonderful time.

I miss my old home in New England and sometimes I dream I am there. I think back to the times we went camping and hiking and fishing with our children. We traveled all up and down the East coast to broaden their education. Nothing could ever replace those wonderful times. I used to like to walk down by the ocean with its raging sea and the sea birds that roam the beach. New England has a rock-strewn coast and there are areas where the ocean actually roars. I love the ocean; to me it is an inspiration and I find Peace there when I am worried and sad. Note: It also helps my sinus and I feel better after breathing the sea air.

Autumn is on its way and the colors it brings are like a kaleidoscope. How I loved the Maple trees with their scarlet and red colors. When the leaves begin to fall, we used to rake them in piles and the children would have fun jumping in the leaves. The magic of Autumn is God’s free gift to all of us before He brings the snows and freezing weather.

My Rakkasan husband, (Cliff) was an inspiration to me. He will always be my hero. He always encouraged me in everything I wanted to undertake and he was always there to help the children (4) with their endeavors. Last year I went to the area we used to live in and looked for the tree where we carved our initials, but the area is now a subdivision and no tree was there. Sometimes I hate change, but I realize you can never go back, the World keeps spinning with new ideas and inventions all the time. The Rakkasans are a wonderful group of heroes and they come from all walks of life and they fought with men from other countries of the world. Some came from Australia and other Asian countries and in World War II, many warriors from other countries helped this county.

I would like to leave some scripture with you. It is from Luke 17:5. {The apostles said to the Lord, “increase our Faith!” And the Lord said, “if you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, you could say to the mulberry tree ‘be rooted up, and be planted in the sea’ and it would obey you.}

I leave you with love and respect. Continue to pray for our troops. Let’s hope our Government will make the right decisions concerning the countries that seem to be threatening this country and is one of our major concerns right now.

May God Bless You All Respectfully submitted:

Marilyn “Lynn” Pineau,

The Merry Widow”

Florida and TORII Chapters.

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