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Chaplains Corner

Exodus 17:11 (KJV) And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed; and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed.

Often in as we deal with issues, circumstances, and people in life, we grow weary in well doing. Sometimes we fail to accomplish, the desired goal for our actions, because, we can not do it entirely, by ourselves. Like Moses, who was leading the Israelites to do the will of God, needed help.

The Israelites began to question Moses leadership and authority, because, after a long journey, they had no water, for themselves or their cattle to drink. This caused Moses to cry out to God, saying, “What shall I do unto this people? They be almost ready to stone me.” Sometimes, we listen more to naysayers and those criticizing us than focusing in on the completion of the mission, we have been given.

The split rock at Horeb.

God had given Moses, his mission and Moses was concerned about, what the people were saying and possibly, his own life. But, to Moses credit, he listened to God as he was told to strike the rock at Horeb, for water to come out, for the people to drink. So, the Israelite’s needs were met.

Then the Amalekites came to war against the Israelites. Another day and another problem. Moses instructed Joshua to take men, to fight the Amalekites and he would stand on a hill with his rod in his hand, lifted up. As long as he held the rod up, the Israelites prevailed, but if he let down his hand, the Amalekites prevailed. Aaron and Hur, one on each side held his hands up, until sundown and Joshua and the Israelites won the battle.

We have many battles, no matter who we are or what we are doing. The main thing to understand is, if we are doing God’s will according to scripture and not our own desires, the battle is the Lord’s and not ours, so he will give us the provisions to win the battle for His glory and honor. People may say bad things, about us and even threaten us. We may grow physically weary and need others to physically help us. God’s desire is for His people to be victorious in life and be a positive witness of one who has completely given his life, to the Lord.

-Dennis Helms, Chaplain

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