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Grand 'ol Time

Sadly, the 2022 reunion season has come to an end.

Darel Schoening (D-Co CO), Sean Burns (D-Co XO), Matt Arturo (3-182 S-2) Desert Storm

The National Association Reunion took place last week in Grand Rapids in conjunction with the 101st Airborne Division Association's annual reunion. Events included historical tours, a city and wine tour, golf, board meetings and dining together.

The last 75 years of battlefield excellence was represented with Rakkasan veterans that had served in WW2 up to active duty soldiers.

John Malejan and Association President Bob Harkins

As non-verbally mandated by the forefathers of veteran reunions, there was a lot of alcohol, late night story telling, side aching laughter and also, booze.

Hunter Everett (Association Board of Directors) and Jim Bickerstaff

James Bickerstaff (D-co, 3/187) explained that he hadn't seen most of the guys from his unit since 1991 until he got involved with the association and started coming to reunions in 2012. "Set aside any hesitation that you have and go." Says Bickerstaff. "I must say no matter how much time passes, we pick up right where we left off." When asked if there is a different feeling at Rakkasan reunions when compared to a school or other organizational reunion: "Most definitely, we are brothers... I trusted these guys with my life, everyone else were just friends."

Mark your calendars - the next gathering on the docket is the Snowbird reunion in February, 2023 in Tampa, Florida. (See you then).

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