Magnificent month of May

The year 2019 represents a special year for most of us.  In 1969, we were engaged in major operations to open and clear the Ashau Valley in Vietnam. This year we celebrated these events in two different parts of the world.

To start, we had the week at Ft. Campbell /Clarksville All told we have 243 attendees.  We were also blessed with a contribution of 250 cases of Rakkasan Beer. This was a special red ale produced by Endeavor Brewing in Columbus Ohio There were 100 cases at the hotel and the Battalion, with 50 cases at the Bruce Center for the dinner.

The Reunion officially kicked off Tuesday May 14, 2019, with a group of 60+ heading to the Grand Ole Opry - a great time was had by all! Wednesday was range firing and the lady’s lunch. 

The active soldiers completed a 31.87 ultra marathon as part of their Warrior Challenge (3.187 Mile Swim, Climb 3,187 steps at Tennessee Titans Stadium in Nashville, and the 31.87 marathon). 

The board lit up with the Hamburger Hill Association logo, a Torii and the Screaming Eagle the morning of the first "step" of the Iron Warrior Challenge.
Tennessee Titans Stadium