Mother of Warriors

Cindy (Center) at the Pentagon Hall of Heroes on Septermber 27, 2019

On September 27th, the Department of Defense designated the Spirit of Hope award to recipients representing the 5 branches of military service. The award is given to nominees who best reflect the patriotism and service epitomized by late celebrity Bob Hope; one of the honorees is a beloved part of the Rakkasan Family.

Cindy Boyd was born into a life of being a military supporter. Her father was a soldier in WWII and had several uncles in both the Army and Navy, her cousin is a Marine who served in Vietnam and in the generation that follows, she has a Rakkasan Nephew.

“If Bob Hope were around today, Cindy would be on tour with him!” – Mike Smith, Hamburger Hill Association Treasurer and National Association Board Member

Her work from the home front began by supporting that young nephew and his friends in the 101st. From there she kept “adopting” soldiers from all over the country. One care package grew to dozens, the dozens swelled in the thousands annually. Her philanthropic workload is staggering: “I do holiday treat bags for deployed soldiers for Valentines, Easter, 4th July, Halloween and Christmas. Last year I had units in Poland, Korea, and Afghanistan (that were 12 SF soldiers) we did over 750 for each holiday-it just depends on where my boys are and how many they are responsible for.” She owns three companies in Gotha, Florida – all of which are corporate sponsors for the 101st Airborne Association and the 187th Infantry Regiment, National Rakkasan Association.

In recent years, where there is a gathering of good times, reflection and honoring service to soldiers of the 101st, you will find Cindy Boyd. In her free time she also donates her reverence to members of the Sea Services. In the spring of 2019 she traveled to Japan for ten days with veterans walking the black sands of Iwo Jima. “I admire the Marines/Navy vets from Iwo Jima. I wasn’t carrying a pack o