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Reserve Updates

LJiljana Ball's quarterly greetings.

Trip to Lombard was long. The weather in Chicago was bad so we could not leave Detroit on time. We all sat there. It was fun. Everyone was in the good mood and when I called the gentleman to tell that I was running late, he said "just call me". Two hours after many calls, he was able to pick me up. The hotel was not too far, in a nice location. Beautiful old neighborhood, nice homes and very fitting landscape. The Hotel was huge with a good restaurant and every one was very helpful. In the lobby they served refreshments, so cute and so tasty sandwiches were in the little baskets and salad basin a small but very clever !! Friday RAKKASAN dinner was excellent.

What made it super nice Col John Cogbill, SGM Alvaro Pertus were there with the Color Guard from Fort Campbell. It is always nice to see young men in uniform. LTG (Ret) Francis Wiercinski was there. Sir, please give my warmest ALOHA to Jeannine, SGM Savusa and Maretta. I hope to see you next year.

2018 Reserve Lady Rakkasan of the year, Ruth Davis

THE RESERVE LADY RAKKASAN this year was Ruth Davis. She looked great. Sorry if you missed being there. Our RAKKASAN LADY next year 2019 is Jane Besouska. She was highly recommended and we all know she was very supportive of her husband and has attended most all the reunions Congratulations !! The next Rakkasan Reunion will be here in Clarksville, next to FORT CAMPBELL, so you all come you hear !!!!!! I am so sorry to inform everyone that Nancy Sjodin passed away recently. She loved the RAKKASANS.

Ljiljana's Tennessee Papaya

As most of you know I love native plants. Did you know that you can grow Papaya here in Tennessee? Yes, you can. You buy a papaya which you eat and then you put the seeds in soil and a Papaya tree will grow. Unfortunately the season is short here to bare the fruit but you have very pretty plant . So the moral of this story is never put vegetables and fruit in garbage ha ha. This is very happy news. Cpt Lee and his lovely wife Taylor had a baby girl and names her Beverly Lili Lee. I am very happy !!!!!!!!!! Hope every one is doing well.

See you next May here in Clarksville for the 2019 RAKKASAN REUNION



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