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It seems like only yesterday that we had our Annual Rakkasan Reunion and our Rakkasan Ball. The Reunion was hosted by the Hamburger Hill Chapter and held at the Riverview Inn, Clarksville TN. This was the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Hamburger Hill. The reunion was great. The Memorial Dinner was held at the Bruce Convention Center in Hopkinsville KY.

The Pylon Ceremony was my favorite. Just to see all the young soldiers standing there gives me great pride.

The Ladies Luncheon was nice. There were more ladies than I expected. Forty Five ladies had a wonderful luncheon and a great time. We had great entertainment. Bill Harpel, very informative, is the liaison between the City of Clarksville and Fort Campbell. Clarksville is a very historic town and surrounding area. One can spend a week and not see it all. Next time you are in town please visit Dunbar Cave State Park. You can even go inside and tour the cave.

Lady Rakkasan of the Year 2019, Jane Bezouska

Our Lady Rakkasan of the Year 2019 was Jane Bezouska. She is very sweet and has been coming to the reunions for may years supporting her husband. Please send me your recommendation for Lady Rakkasan of the Year 2020.

Almost forgot to mention our entertainment at the Welcome Reception on Thursday was by Cassidy Daniels. Her father is good friend of our Beau Brumfield. Thanks, Beau. She was great!

I was also able to participate in the Rakkasan Hike, the last mile. I wore boots my neighbor gave me after returning from Vietnam. After the hike we had roasted' “pig” It was done in the pit. It was so good. Thanks SGT TUI. Next time I have Banana leaves I’ll just call. I think that PIG was better than in HAWAII.!!!!!!!

The Memorial Dinner was good except I got wet as usual. I am always sitting on the outside where the booze was being mixed and tested. I guess it was good. I didn't even have a taste. HA HA!!!!!

Grog Ceremony at the Memorial Dinner (AKA, Booze Mixing)

The Band was very good. We danced. The young troops left. They could not keep up with us. I got home past midnight.

Some one will have to tell us about trip to Vietnam.

Hope to see you all next year



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