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Current events: As of December 2019, they currently have soldiers from 2-506 White Currahee in Africa, strengthening partner networks, strengthening partner capacity, enabling operations, and maintaining readiness.

On November 26th, they had 15 Rakkasans earn their Expert Field Medical Badges.

2019 Recap


The 2019 Best Ranger Competition champions, CPT Mike Rose and CPT John Bergman, company commanders in 2-506 IN (White Currahee) and 1-187 IN (Leader), 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), respectively, have a collective total of five wins between the two of them. Watch them explain events to Tim Tebow on ESPN.

1LT Jacqueline Head is ranger qualified infantry platoon leader in 1/B, 1-187IN. During the BDE's recent EIB test week in July 2019, 1LT Head slipped during the land navigation course and injured her ankle. Medics initially diagnosed the injury as a serious ankle sprain. Despite substantial swelling and bruising of her ankle, 1LT Head completed the rest of her EIB testing week to include the final 12-mile ruck march and earned her EIB. After the EIB ceremony, she went to La Pointe Medical Clinic, where doctors confirmed a fractured fibula through X-Rays.

1LT Head's incredible resilience proved she has the intestinal fortitude to continue the mission, lead her Soldiers, and perform with excellence in the face of extreme adversity. 1LT Head was featured in the XVIII ABC Commander's first internal/external SITREP for this very reason.

SPC Tiosso being interviewed by a local radio station

SPC Igor B. Tiosso (1-187) distinguished himself through his heroic actions on July 13, 2018. On the evening of July 13, 2019, SPC Tiosso traveled on TN Hwy 41A in vicinity of Gate 4. He witnessed an accident at approximately 2230, when SSG Alvelo's motorcycle struck a vehicle pulling onto the highway. SSG Alvelo and his passenger were thrown off of the motorcycle and onto the pavement. Without regard to his own life, SPC Tiosso maneuvered through the oncoming traffic in order to get to the victim, SSG Alvelo. SPC Tiosso triaged the scene and assessed Alvelo likely suffered a compound fracture of the right femur. Alvelo was losing a large amount of blood so Tiosso ran back through traffic to his vehicle to retrieve his first aid kit and tourniquet. Paramedics at the scene assessed that Alvelo would have died from blood loss without Tiosso's quick actions. WATCH his interview about it.

SGT Maxim Perry (1-187) was enroute to EIB training and came upon an accident on mile marker 2 on Pennyrile Parkway, KY. SGT Perry was one of the first to arrive at the scene. Perry saw two bodies, clearly deceased based on the gruesome nature of their injuries. He began to search for survivors. SGT Perry one vehicle and found the driver in relatively good condition, he immediately moved to the next vehicle and found two more casualties. At first SGT Perry could not get to the driver due to the damage caused by the collision so he moved to the passenger side where he found a critically wounded man.His body was hanging outside the vehicle and he was still conscious.

SGT Maxim Perry (Center)

SGT Perry returned to his vehicle, grabbed his tourniquet he had, and applied the tourniquet on the man's left arm to stop the bleeding. SGT Perry stayed at the scene until the police officers and first responders arrived. Perry then returned to his vehicle, continued to training and went on to earn his EIB over the next few weeks. SGT Perry demonstrated the highest level of resiliency and readiness. His heroic act of attempting to save the life of a fellow citizen set a great example for others to follow.

While en route to attend the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Advanced Leader Course (ALC) in San Antonio TX, Staff Sergeant Daryus Jenkins (2-506) took approved leave to stop and visit with family in Lawton, OK. He was at a Lawton nightclub on 27 April 2019 when someone opened fire inside of the establishment, striking two patrons. He lacked adequate medical supplies, but SSG Jenkins began to provide whatever aid he could to both victims using the principals of tactical combat casualty care. He continued to treat the victims until emergency services personnel arrived and took over. His actions directly contributed to the survival of one victim. Unfortunately the second victim did not survive due to the severity of his wounds. SSG Jenkins is the epitome of technical and tactical expertise. He was named the best medic in the division after winning the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) & Regional Health Command- Atlantic 2018 Best Medic Competition. After attending ALC, SSG Jenkins attended Drill Sergeant School. He has also earned the Expert Field Medical Badge, the Air Assault Badge, is a graduate of the Basic Airborne Course, and is currently one of only three Ranger-qualified medics in the division.

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