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W.O.W. Dispatch

(Widows Or Widowers)

Greetings to everyone. I am sorry that I have been unable to attend the National Meetings. I miss the good times we used to have. It seems that when we lose our husbands, we seem not to want to go to the meetings without them. After all, it was their organization and we were just a small part of it.

I hope that all Chapters are still recruiting new members from the soldiers today and still inviting former paratroopers to join our ranks.

The world is changing every day and I am not sure I like what I see. Everyone lies and our government needs to take a good look at itself. I wonder why can’t they see what they are creating with their back stabbing ways. We, the people need to make them stop. One way is not to re-elect them and shorten their stay in Congress. I don’t remember them being so vicious. That’s enough of that.

Here in Florida it is the rainy season and it brings out the flowers and the grass is so green. The only problem is the allergies it brings with it. It is also Hurricane Season and we are being prepared for it by getting the supplies needed. We are still cleaning up debris from the last one in the panhandle part of Florida.

My vacation, with my family each year, is at the beach. It is so beautiful there. I enjoy watching my grandchildren and great grandchildren play in the waves and play in the sand on the shore.

There are so many beautiful places in this world and I hate what these wars are doing to these many countries and their people. I pray that they will realize this before it’s too late.

I wish I could paint you a Rainbow that would glow with sincerity for this world and that when you looked at it, all you would see would be love and contentment and the beautiful colors, each a different hue, that would bring memories that would be fashioned just for you.

Do you remember when you were a little boy and the dreams you dreamed about going fishing. You maybe brought home an eel and you teased your sister with it, telling her it was a snake. Do you remember lying in the soft, warm grass and looking at the sky to see clouds in their various shapes? Do you remember, when in school, that when a girl would be at the desk in front of you and she had pig-tails, you maybe would stick them in the ink wells. Those dreams are now gone and I know there are times when you wish them back.

We always wish for another chance, to not make mistakes, and make a new beginning and that is what I wish for each one of you and remember there is God to help you on your way and bring comfort when needed.

I believe we all have a guardian Angel who will help us when needed. I always thought it was a person like my husband, who always guided me when he was alive. Please pray with me for our service men and women as they need every prayer as they are there to protect not only foreign shores as well as the United States.

Respectfully submitted:

Marilyn “Lynn” Pineau

The Merry Widow (Florida Chapter)

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