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From the Honorary COL of the Regiment

My Fellow Rakkasans:

Words cannot express the honor, privilege and respect we all witnessed during this past quarter. For me personally, the 50th Anniversary of Dong Ap Bia, Hamburger Hill, and the camaraderie and “Rakkasan Legacy” I saw will last in my memory for a long, long time. To be sure - it was life changing.

It was so good to see so many Rakkasans, and especially Hamburger Hill Veterans, back at Ft Campbell for the festivities. I had the privilege to sit back and watch with awe in the faces of Veterans, their Families, and the young Rakkasans of today, as we all embraced our historic past and the bravery and living example of “Let Valor Not Fail”.

Simply, it was an amazing event. I thank all the organizers, attendees, the Brigade and Brigade support groups and Families, and the supportive 101st AASLT Division for their tireless efforts in making this such a success. Every aspect of the reunion and the special 50th Anniversary celebration was flawless. We packed the house - and that was so good to see! Bob Harkins, the Command and Soldiers of 3rd Brigade and especially 3/187, and the entire Association, the local Community - thank you!

I hope and pray everyone there experienced what I think we all felt. And it is my sincerest wish that everyone who ever deployed in the defense of our Country as proud Rakkasans, enjoyed a well deserved, far too late, but deeply heartfelt - Welcome Home!

The next chapter of Rakkasan History is quickly coming upon us yet again - time marches on. This summer and especially this August we will bid farewell to a magnificent group of Commanders and CSMs from the ranks. They have performed superbly and will remember this forever - as we will always carry them as our newest “Golden Rakkasans”. I reserve my thanks and admiration for these great Command Teams until the next chapter, but please know how much it has meant to me, but especially the Rakkasan community, to be among your ranks. Thank you.

We will also welcome new teams and Rakkasans. I hope and know we will all show them what being a Rakkasan is all about. Exciting times ahead.

With Admiration and Respect:

Rakkasan. Let Valor Not Fail

Frank Wiercinski, HCOR

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