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Leader Ball FAQ

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Commonly Asked Questions for Leader Ball 2022 at Nissan Stadium

Is there a deadline to buy tickets for Leader Ball?

9/30/2022 Registration is now closed

Where do I park?

Attendees and their guests will be able to park in Lot H of Titans Stadium.

What are the designated driver incentives?

Any soldier that signs up to be a designated driver will have their hours logged into the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS). Additional incentives will be handled at the Company level.

What hotel accommodations are available?

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Nashville Downtown/Stadium, Comfort Inn & Suites Nashville Downtown-Stadium, and Hampton Inn & Suites Nashville-Downtown are all close and affordable options to Nissan Stadium. We recommend booking your room as soon as you can. Airbnb is another great resource to compare with local hotel rates.

What is the attire for the Ball?

The Ball is considered a formal, black tie event. This means the service member will wear the Army Service Uniform (ASU). Female spouses and dates should plan to wear formal dresses either floor-length or no shorter than just below the knee.

Appropriate guest attire for women

Anything knee-length or above is considered a cocktail dress or semi-formal and is, traditionally, not considered appropriate for a formal ball event. Male military spouses and dates should wear a tuxedo, or a nice black suit with a tie.

Appropriate attire for male guests

In the past, military tradition has dictated that women have covered shoulders during the official receiving line and during dinner. There is no expectation of this, so there is no need for this tradition to dictate your attire selection.

How will formal customs and courtesies will be different than a formal civilian event?

Receiving lines, toasts, and introductions to command teams before speaking will be expected of all Soldiers. Soldiers are also expected to be courteous and professional throughout the ball. (Reference below).

Does my Ball ticket include my date?

No, each ticket grants one individual admission to the Leader Ball. Soldier’s and guests will need to buy an additional ticket for their dates.

Can I bring alcohol?

The security standards for the Leader Ball will be the same as for a Titan’s game. Each attendee will be required to walk through a body scanner that has the ability to detect weapons, flasks, knives etc. Plan accordingly.

1-187 Dining Out Etiquette and Protocol

Etiquette= What to do / Protocol= How to do it

Receiving Line

Etiquette: It is considered disrespectful to the host to not go through the receiving line

*No drinks are allowed while moving through the receiving line


1. Soldier INITIALLY goes first

2. Soldier states the name of their guest to the adjutant - DO NOT SHAKE HIS HAND

3. Soldier states their own name

Example: “Ms. Jones and SPC Smith”

1. Guest walks past you to greet the host CDR-start shaking hands. GUEST IS FIRST NOW. IF YOU SHAKE HANDS FIRST, YOU ARE WRONG.

2. Follow your guest through the line shaking hands and a brief verbal greeting. Proceed at a brisk pace. No conversation. Only simple greetings. You may need to reintroduce your

guest and yourself to those in line past the host

Example: “Sir, SPC Smith, this is my guest Ms. Jones.”

1. Exit the line and enter the event.

Posting and Retirement of the Colors

Etiquette: The formal portion of the event begins and ends with the posting of the National Colors by the Color Guard.


1. The Narrator will prompt everyone to stand for the Posting of Colors

2. Those in uniform will come to Attention. Those in civilians will stand


4. As the Color Guard moves, EVERYONE will adjust themselves so that their ENTIRE BODY faces the Colors at all times.

5. National Anthem - AT FIRST NOTE OF MUSIC -

* In uniform=Remain Attention

* Civilians=Right Hand over heart

6. After the National Anthem, remain Standing until the Chaplain begins the Invocation.

7. The Narrator will prompt you to sit after the Invocation.


Etiquette: The Grog ceremony concludes with a series of toasts. It is acceptable to toast with a non-alcoholic drink if you prefer.


1. Various NCOs will propose a toast

2. EVERYONE responds with the appropriate phrase

3. The appropriate phrase is listed in your program




All service members assigned to 1-187 IN will wear either the ASU or AGSU dress variation.

ASU Dress Variation

1. Remove Distinctive Unit Insignia on shoulders (both male and female)

2. Replace neck tie with bow tie (male only)

ASGU (No Change)

Low Quarters and pumps only, No jump boots or berets


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