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See You In May!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019


Hello Fellow Rakkasans: This posting is the official notification and registration for the upcoming the 50th Anniversary/Reunion for the Weldon F. Honeycutt /Hamburger Hill Chapter of the 187th Regiment Association. The dates for the 50th Anniversary / Reunion are Tuesday, May 14th to Friday, May 17th. It is important to understand that we will officially start the arrival on Tuesday the 14th of May instead of the usual Monday arrival. We will continue to work more details in the months to come but let this be your guide for information for the time being.

Our 50th Anniversary / Reunion is very significant to all of Rakkasans and to the whole U.S. Army. This year the Hamburger Hill Chapter combines with the National 187th Regiment Association’s Annual Reunion for our 50th Anniversary. The attendance should significantly increase. The combat actions of the 187th Infantry Regiment as gliders soldiers, paratroopers, and air assault troopers have always been significant. I am writing to ask that you join all of your brothers for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Regimental action on Dong Ap Bia/Hill 937/Hamburger Hill. In May of 1969 the 3rd Battalion 187th Infantry Regiment ventured forth to a significant “rendezvous with destiny”. With each passing year we get older, our health changes, and unfortunately, we lose a few comrades. I am asking that you come join us and renew old friendships forged on the field of battle. I believe that we have put together a program in both Clarksville and Ft. Campbell that will honor our comrades and renew our friendship.

This posting gives you a summary of the activities, registration details, and the cost of the events. It is also important to note that we are working with the 3rd Battalion 187th Regiment to plan a trip to Viet Nam - Back to the “Hill”. We will walk the “Hill” again.

I hope that each of you will be able to join us and bring a friend to experience our bonding. Look forward to seeing you.


Bob Harkins

President, Alpha 6



Riverview Inn

50 College St., Clarkesville, TN

877-487-4837 or 931-552-3331

A block of rooms has been reserved in the name of the Hamburger Hill / Rakkasans.

Please call the hotel directly for your room reservations. You cannot do it on line. When you call mention that you are part of the Hamburger Hill / Rakkasan group. Our group room rate is $84.00 per night, double occupancy, plus any taxes. Please make your reservations early and remember to let them know you are with our group. Make your room reservations on your own, they are separate from our reunion costs. As of 3/20/2019 The Riverview is at capacity.

Backup rooms are available at the Country Inn but there are a limited number of rooms. Please make your arrangements as soon as possible. You must call to get the Rakkasan Rate.

866-238-4218 or 931-645-1400


Schedule of Events



$150 Per Person - The cost includes: the Reception, the formal Dinner, the Chapter wives luncheon on Wednesday, as well as meeting and room fees. A separate $25 contribution to the hospitality suite can be made if you plan on participating (It is recommended that you allow time and funds to be designated for the Hospitality Suite - you won't regret any time spent there).


Dress is always casual for all events except the Memorial Dinner. The active duty group will be in Dress Blues and their dates will likely be wearing evening gowns. It would be appropriate to at least be in business attire (Coat and Tie). It is not mandatory, but this is traditionally a formal event.

Other Activities:

Battalion Event: The Battalion is not deployed from Ft. Campbell this year during our Reunion. However, supporting our activities is always hard while continuing their training mission. Regiment and 3rd Battalion specifically will support this Reunion as best they can. I am certain we all appreciate their effort. In support of our Reunion, LTC Martin "Jeremy" Bowling, the Battalion Commander (Iron 6) has announced the following:

"We will be conducting the 31.87 mile foot march (part of our Iron Warrior Challenge) on Wednesday May 15, 2019. We are opening it up to Veterans interested in either walking the last 1.87 miles of the course or supporting the course. The Iron Warrior Challenge will close out that evening with a social event (BBQ and Awards Presentation) at the finish line."

How can we support? Who among us will walk?

Veterans can walk all or part of the 31.87 mile course. Last year several veterans walked the last 1.87 mile of the course. This year most veterans will be on the range doing most of the road march. However, we will be there for the end. Veterans can hand out water on the route. Look at the Wednesday’s schedule for details or email for more details about being included.

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